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Partnership Firm

Two or more people come together and pool funds to start a business.

It is not compulsory to register the firm. But it is more advantageous to register a firm. Registering the Trademark of your Partnership Firm will help you to safeguard your identity and restrict others from using it.

Basic Mandatory Compliance

  • Active Partner- he takes active participation in the firm and the running of the business

  • Dormant- he does not take an active part in the daily activities of the firm but brings in his share of capital like any other partner and shares the profits and losses of the firm.

  • Minor Partner - He will share profits of the firm but his liability for the losses will be limited to his share in the firm.


  • Two Heads (Or More) Are Better Than One

  • Your Business Is Easy To Establish And Start-Up Costs Are Low

  • More Capital Is Available For The Business

  • You’ll Have Greater Borrowing Capacity

  • High-Calibre Employees Can Be Made Partners

  • There Is Opportunity For Income Splitting, An Advantage Of Particular Importance Due To Resultant Tax Savings

  • Partners’ Business Affairs Are Private

  • There Is Limited External Regulation

  • It’s Easy To Change Your Legal Structure Later If Circumstances Change.

Documents you will need


ID Proof

Aadhar / Voter ID / Driving licence / Passport


Address Proof

The Address proof of the member and nominee along with the Proof of the registered place of business (Ownership documents/ rent or lease agreement) or any bill in relation to electricity /landlord bill / bank statement.



The photos of the member and nominee should submit for the clarification and proof of the concerned person.



The PAN card of the member and nominee.



Digital signature is the electronic signature format of the partners for the purpose of  e-filing the incorporation of LLP.


NOC (Owner/Landlord)

No objection certificate by the owner / landlord must be enclosed.



Passport of the partner is required in case of any Non-Resident Indian (NRI) / Foreign National partners.


Mobile Number and Email ID

Contact information of partners


Bank Statement

Bank Statement copies of each partner and of the firm.


Utility Bill

Electricity bill not older than 2 months of the registered address of the company.

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